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Prepare to be transformed

SingularityU Italy Executive Program

Prepare to Be Transformed

A three day journey from inspiration to impact


The SingularityU Italy Executive Program is a three-day course that brings together innovators, executives, and entrepreneurs to discuss topics key for the future of business and humanity, including exponential technologies, the global grand challenges, and forging a path toward an abundant future for all.
After the first edition in Rome in June 2019, the EP comes back in Milan in February 2020.

For Whom
This intensive program is intended for a selected group of senior leaders in business, government, and nonprofits, as well as scientists, educators, and other leaders who want to shape their own and our collective future.

The Program

(sample agenda, based on 2019 edition)

Day 1 > Reframing your perspective
The SU Italy EP begins with an overview of the program and its methodologies. You will meet your fellows and the Faculty from Singularity University that will introduce you to the exponential technologies that are driving our future and are already affecting our present, among which artificial intelligence, robotics, additive manufacturing and digital biology to name a few. In the afternoon, you will get familiar with the first methodology by Singularity University, the Moonshot Thinking, a workshop session that will help you go from a linear to an exponential mindset.
Day 2 > Scanning the Horizon
During our second day, we’ll continue to dive into xTechs and discover how they apply to key industries such as governance, mobility, health, finance and manufacturing. In the afternoon, you will start part one of the workshops on the business models canvas: value creation through the lens of the business model canvas, a tool to understand your customers, value propositions and revenue models. Together with your EP fellows, you will learn how Business Model Canvas are structured and how are used as an artefact for strategic conversations on value.
Day 3 > Forecasting and Planning your future
The third day starts with a look at Exponential Business Models and their 10 design principles, followed by a hands-on workshop session on the canvas itself, together with your EP fellows. After examining another core SU framework - the Future's Wheel, we will take a closer look at organizations: the challenges and opportunities of exponential change, the tools, vision and mindset to bring and lead transformation into your company. We will also take a look at the future of work, before closing the entire experience with the inspiration overload you need to act with purpose once you go back to normal life.

At the end of the program you will:

  • Learn about current and state of the art exponential technologies.
  • Understand the power of Moonshot Thinking and the potential to impact 1 billion people.
  • Discover new tools and skills to translate your new knowledge into action.
  • Be inspired by examples of how people are using exponential technology to solve global grand challenges.
  • Develop a step-by-step action plan to scale your impact.

In short

In 2020, the second edition of the SingularityU Italy Executive Program takes place in Milan. The program is designed to focus on the exponential trends, topics, and challenges that are most important to our country and to our people’s future in an intimate, classroom environment.

We’ll be bringing together a mix of SingularityU faculty from around the world, including newly appointed, Italian-based faculty, along with a curated group of senior leaders from across the country for this special 3-day program.

For further information, download the brochure or call us at +39 02 83595005/02 83595006

Participation Fee

The Program Fee includes:

  • 3 nights at a Hotel****
  • Breakfasts, Lunches and Dinners
  • Learning Materials
  • Sessions and Activities with your Fellow Participants
The program fee is € 6,900.00 + VAT. (€ 5,900.00 + VAT before December 6, 2019). Candidates need to complete the registration form. No registration will be complete until approval by the organizer. After being approved, the candidate needs to finalize the payment. No application is confirmed until the payment of the fee is submitted.

About SingularityU Italy

SingularityU Italy represents the Italian Country Partner of Singularity University (SU), a global learning and innovation community using exponential technologies to tackle the world’s biggest challenges and build an abundant future for all.

A certified Benefit Corporation headquartered at NASA Research Park in Silicon Valley (in the picture: Hangar One), SU was founded in 2008 by renowned innovators Ray Kurzweil and Peter H. Diamandis with program funding from leading organizations including Google and UNICEF.

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